FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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For WordPress Website Owners

How does Backlink Cafe work?

  1. Install & Activate WordPress Plugin.
  2. We start finding opportunities for your website niche & topic.
  3. You review & approve each opportunity via the Plugin Dashboard.
  4. After your approval, plugin does all the work to update your blog.
  5. Once your content is indexed you receive a payment within 7 days.

Read detailed Backlink Cafe Plugin Installation guide here.

Who’s in control of what’s being published on my blog?

You are! You are in full control of what links and guest posts go live on your blog. Backlink Cafe is design in a way that only WordPress Admin is able to accept and reject content updates. Our app is not able to do that remotely for you, even if we wanted to! So you are in full control of every change that is happening on your website.

What payout methods do you support?

Currently we only Bitcoin payouts and PayPal (experimental). This allows us to guarantee easy payouts globally and prevent client chargebacks. We are working on stabilizing PayPal and adding bank payouts (via Stripe).

Is it secure?

Yes. We take security and authorisation seriously. Here are a few things we take make sure to maximize security of your WordPress site and your data:

  • All plugin communication are end to end encrypted with https
  • Only your WordPress site admins are able to accept and reject offers, change payout settings.
  • Content updates on your site are only performed after your approval and from within your WordPress installation. Content updates cannot be triggered externally or automatically. You are welcome to unpack the extension and verify the code logic.

Will I get penalised by Google?

No. The plugin is designed in a way that there is no way to detect whether it is installed on your blog or website.

Why are you not on WordPress Plugin store?

Our plugin is currently in Beta and we’ll wait before submitting it to the official WordPress Plugin store.

Do I need to sign up, register or create an account to use Backlink Cafe WordPress Plugin?

With the Backlink Cafe WordPress Monetization Plugin the website owner doesn’t need to sign up or create an account. You just need to install and activate the plugin and the “sign up” will happen automatically. Your website will be registered and authenticated with Backlink Cafe. Your site will only share your domain name and admin’s email address with our system, that’s needed for registration and communication with website owner.

What users will have access to the plugin in WordPress Admin Dashboard?

Only “Administrator” level users will have access to Backlink.Cafe plugin in WordPress Admin Dashboard. All other users won’t be able to accept/reject content or change the plugin settings. It will be completely invisible to them.

For Link Builders

When can I expect results?

Once you place and fund an order, we instantly start matching you with high quality domains in our partner network. If we have a match, we’ll instantly display it to you for your review and approval. Then, we seek to get additional approval from the partner domain webmaster. It might take up to 24 hours for a webmaster to approve. (Webmasters are real people too and we can’t predict or force their exact response time.) Once the webmaster (domain owner) approves your offer, your link or article instantly get’s published on their website. Then, it might take from a few hours and up to a week for Google crawler to index the domain name with your updated content. Only once your updated content can be found in Google, we consider the order as filled and your funds will be released to the domain owner.

All in all, it might take from an hour and up to two weeks for you to see results.

Are links and guest posts permanent?

Yes. Links and guest posts are permanent. We closely monitor each guest post and link insertion and if it goes offline, the website owners gets penalized. Your funds are only being released when the content is placed and indexed by Google crawler.

What payment methods do you support?

Currently we support Bitcoin payments and working on adding PayPal and card payments via Stripe.

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